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ONE TIME OFFER: Personalized Santa Email - $15

ONE TIME OFFER: 1 Additional "viewing" screen - $10

ONE TIME OFFER: 3 Additional "viewing" screens - $30

ONE TIME OFFER: Elf shout-out with name mention - $5

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"If choosing the Pay It Forward Package, type None"
Reindeer Package

Customized recorded video of Santa only


Santa’s Elves Package

Families wait in the virtual waiting room for 5-60 (max) minutes. The Santa meet-and-greet will last up to 5 minutes (1-2 kids).


North Pole Package

Scheduled appointment - Up to a 5 minute meet-and-greet (1-2 kids)


Personalized SANTA EMAIL
Additional "viewing" screens
ELF SHOUT-out with name mention
Jingle Bell Package

Up to a 10-minute meet-and-greet with Santa, a photo, and two overlay frames (1-3 kids)


Winter Wonderland Package

Up to a 10-minute meet-and-greet with Santa, a photo with frame overlays, and a recorded video (suggested for 3-5 kids)


Group Zoom with Names


Ultimate Christmas Package


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